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Combining chemistry, biology, bio-engineering, and optical imaging, we focus on red to near-infrared fluorescence enhancement technologies

Commercialized applications for diagnostic and imaging in early disease diagnosis, prognosis monitoring, population screening, and therapeutics

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Product Overview

pGOLD Slide 11.jpg

pGOLD™  slides for Enhanced fluorescence

Significantly increasing the fluorescence emission of various fluorophores on glass substrates based on nanoscience principles

  • Enhances fluorescence by up to 100 fold in the wavelength range of 500 – 900nm

  • Compatible with fluorophores such as Cy3, Cy5, IRDye680, and IRDye800 dyes

  • Enhances the Raman scattering signals of molecules by orders of magnitude

  • Optimized for companion confocal imaging systems MidaScan, MidaScan IR

  • Applications in protein microarrays, DNA/RNA detection, Cell/tissue imaging, and more

  • Research Use Only


Optimidas™ microarray imaging Platform for molecular diagnosis

Combines pGOLD™ plasmonic microarray slides, assay kits, and the MidaScan fluorescence dual laser scanner to obtain ultra-sensitive diagnosis and imaging

  • Optimized confocal imager, high resolution, high signal to noise, and powerful software delivers fast results

  • Multicolor and Near Infrared Fluorescence imaging of cells and tissues

  • High resolution protein microarray imaging

  • ELISA-like ultra-sensitive immunofluorescence assays

  • Multiplexability (up to 10-20 biomarkers per sample, in a single assay)

  • Research Use Only


Midascan™ and Midascan-IR™ dual-channel scanner

Ultra-sensitive diagnosis and imaging

  • MidaScan-IR™ is a dual channel (700 nm and 800 nm) near-infrared (NIR) confocal microscope scanner for imaging tissues, cells, and microarrays on standard glass or plasmonic slides.

  • MidaScan™ is a confocal imager for Cy3 and Cy5 channels in the visible spectrum.

  • Excellent detection sensitivity for cytokines, cell/tissue imaging, antibodies and antigens, protein microarray assays, and DNA/RNA

  • Research Use Only


Assay Kits for DIAGNOSTICS and Research Use

A novel signal amplifying platform for biological testing and diagnostics

  • Highly sensitive with large dynamic range and high signal/noise ratio

  • Capable of multiplexing for detecting ten or more biomarkers simultaneously

  • Very little sample volume and compatible with serum, finger-prick whole blood, and saliva samples for testing flavivirus (Zika, Dengue), infectious, and cardiovascular diseases

  • Suitable for developing portable medical devices, e.g. Point of Care Testing (POCT)

  • Research Use Only

NirII dye image.png

Near-Infrared II (NIR-II) Dye

High resolution, deep tissue imaging in vitro and in vivo

  • Imaging in the second near-infrared window (NIR-II: 1000-1700 nm)

  • 10x better resolution and 10x deeper penetration

  • Biocompatible

  • Rapid excretion

  • Super bright

  • Easily functionalizable for targeted imaging applications (i.e. blood vessel and tumor imaging)

  • Research Use Only


Gold Coated 96 Well Microplates

  • Allows facile surface modification chemistry well developed for gold surfaces

  • Highly efficient binding of proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids

  • Electrical conductivity of gold could be utilized for electrochemistry

  • Plasmonic properties of gold could be utilized for fluorescence and surface enhanced raman

  • Research Use Only